Saturday, 2 April 2011

Enough is enough

Had quite a bad experience this week.
Had attended a meeting and got on well with everybody.A further meeting with the same people came up this week and some of the group made sure that they sat as far away from me as possible and never even talked to me.
From the little information I managed to get someone mentioned to the group that I was post-op trans.
They liked me as a woman but ignored me as trans.
I think I will have to get away to where nobody knows my past.
I have been a trans activist for years but at a personal cost I can no longer take

Friday, 25 March 2011


Been doing some work in the garden for the last few days taking advantage of this gorgeous weather.
Mowed the lawn for the first time today and my timing was perfect as my next door neighbour was out.I would not regard myself as sane but she is a genuine fruitcake.If I do anything in the garden she has do exactly the same within the hour.
Dreading going out in the garden in my bikini this summer as she no doubt would do the same and that wouldn't be a pretty sight.
Not one to usually snipe at anyone but she is your average Daily Mail reader,transphobic as hell.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

What a change

Absolutely loads happening since my last real posting.
Operation in September(and despite the scare stories it didn't hurt that much)
On the board with Suffolk Family Carers.
Got a CPN back for Geraldine at last.
And finally put far to much weight on my rear end since the operation.

Will use this blog in future to put down some personal thoughts and possibly pst some photos of my forthcoming break in York


After quite a long gap have decided to re-open the blog.
Watch this space for updates

Friday, 25 December 2009

Christmas Day

Christmas day and nothing from Adam.No card,phone call or e-mail despite me leaving a message for him.How can your own child hate you so much?
Thank heavens for Hannah and Debbie who phoned me today.
So it looks like it's just Geraldine and I for the rest of our lives.
We are both hurting like hell today and know that we will be both be glad when Christmas is all over and the bombardment of you can only be happy surrounded by your family is finished.

Saturday, 7 November 2009


Last thursday I had a doctors appointment to discuss the latest blood tests.It is now the case that on HRT alone my hormones are now at female level and I will not be required to take anti androgens.So no more blood tests!!!
I felt this strangely liberating and the jumping through hoops and over hurdles has gone.I realise for some surgery is a must have and I understand this but for me it is far more to do with what's between the ears than between the legs.
I am fully accepted in society as me so at my age what more can you ask?
Busier and happier than I have ever been

Sunday, 12 July 2009

It's been ages

Been absolutely ages since I have posted but Geraldine is in Respite for a few days so I have time.
I miss her,of course,but the mornings are lovely. No rushing around to get her ready and the bathroom is mine,all mine!
We have been doing a lot of planning since we returned from holiday and I have been getting my life in some type of order.Our future plans are not set in stone yet due to medical reasons so I will talk about me.
Since my return I have been doing my bit to help the T/S community but now have decided that this is not the right course for me.I have been to a couple of meetings and at every turn I am coming into contact with the trans arm of the LGBT group.To them there is only one way and it is their way.The way also seems to involve a great deal of self pity and a "them against us" mentality.
It may be that this is the way that most trans think and if so then I cannot class myself as trans.I am a woman,pure and simple.
I am lucky that I have Hannah and Debbie as friends.They take me as I am.
So the blog is open again but this time just as me,living my life as a woman but encumbered with the wrong body.